All things cotton. Here's a few facts about cotton.

  • It's Breathable. Cotton yarn is excellent for making lightweight, breathable garments that are comfortable to wear next to the skin. Cotton is composed almost entirely of cellulose, an organic compound that when worn will actively conduct heat away from the body.Unlike wools or synthetics, cotton pulls heat away from the skin. Thus, it can be worn in hot weather quite comfortably.
  • It gives great stitch definition. Cotton's inelasticity also makes it excellent for creating classic items with a drape effect. Also, this inelasticity means cotton naturally settles into a relaxed position, which gives fantastic stitch definition – letting every detail of your knitting stitches stand out beautifully.
  • It's got great water absorbance. Cotton is excellent at absorbing water, therefore, making it an ideal fiber for creating wash and dish clothes.The same absorption properties mean it holds onto dyes easily, resulting in the availability of a multitude of different colors.

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