Soft Pastels - Make It Vegan
Soft Pastels - Make It Vegan

Soft Pastels

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Soft pastel crayons have extremely intense colours, a silky smooth flow of colour, and are very easy to mix and blend. The brilliant, vivid results achieved make them ideal for amateur artists, school art lessons and creative handicraft enthusiasts. The soft pastel crayons are well suited to different types of paper (e.g. flock paper), but fantastic effects can also be achieved on other surfaces. For preserving your pastel work, you should spray it with a fixative after completion.


  1. Full size soft pastels
  2. Vibrant colours
  3. High pigmentation
  4. Easy to merge and mix
  5. Good adhesion
  6. Acid-free
  7. 12 colours in a wallet
  8. Carbon natural product

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